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Traces of Hubris

Game Designer: Tetsuya Nakamura

Traces of Hubris is a two-player game that simulates the German Case Blue (Fall Blau) summer offensive in southern Russia during the second half of 1942. The goal was to “cut off” the Volga at Stalingrad and to capture the Caucasus oil fields.

The Axis player must eliminate the Soviet forces and break their defense lines in order to reach his objectives. The Soviet player must do everything to defend the homeland, and hold until he gets a chance to strike back. The game uses the same core mechanics as Traces of War.

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1812 - Napoleon's fateful March

Game Designer: Brian Asklev

1812: The Fateful March is a 2-player game that simulates Napoleons invasion of Russia at the operational level.
It is an easy to play card-driven system that utilizes secret order placement which ensures constant tension and little to no downtime.
As befits the historical campaign, the game features a strong focus on logistic planning and march attrition with a set of simple but highly narrative mechanics.

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Winner of 4 Charles S. Roberts Awards!

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In Development

Modern Tactics #1 - Afghanistan

Game and Series Designer: Shayne Logan

Modern Tactics simulates small unit engagements from the period of the Vietnam War up to the present and near future battlefields.

The rules and gameplay have evolved from the Old School Tactical system which Shayne Logan developed in 2015. This new system relies heavily on that gameplay, so any players transitioning from that game will feel right at home here with Modern Tactics.

Seminal Catastrophe - The imperial world at war 1850-1920

Game Designer: Mike Lorino

Seminal Catastrophe is a card driven game that blends diplomacy, warfare, and statecraft. Players take control of one of six unique major powers in the game: Germany/Prussia, the United Kingdom, France, Austria / Austria-Hungary, Russia and the Ottoman Empire.

Mirages - Formation Series #1

Game Designer: Dirk Blennemann

Mirages covers four battles in the African Theatre of War in WWII: Operations Compass, Brevity, Battleaxe and Scorpion. Based on the highly successful games Crossing the Line, Across the Bug River and Operation Theseus, this game will be the first using actual series rules, that will make transitioning between games much more easy.

1916 - Prelude to Blitzkrieg

Game Designer: Paul Hederer

This game will use the well-received core mechanics from CSW award winning title 1914 - Nach Paris and uses them to simulate the intriguing campaign fought in and around Romania from August to December 1916. The campaign was unique for the Great War as it featured sweeping advances by both sides, and effective use of cavalry forces. In contrast to the large cavalry forces included in the game, there are truck units, emphasizing the armies early reliance on motor transport.

In Fours to Heaven

Game Designer: Grzegorz Kuryłowicz

In Fours to Heaven is a strategic level board wargame about the first campaign of the Second World War. Battle for Poland, that took place September 1st to October 6th, 1939.

The game covers the whole campaign from it's start on the September 1st to the bitter end on October 6th and can be played in many ways, as a whole campaign or in series of smaller scenarios. Unit scale is division/regiment, 1 hex covers 10km of the real terrain.

The Far Seas

Game Designer: Martin Anderson

This is a two player game depicting the hunt for Merchant raiders at the start of World War I. The map shows the whole world. The objective is to sink the German raiders (Allies) or to attack convoys and avoid the hunters (Germans). The German player plots his movement, then the British player moves, and then the German player reveals and makes his moves.

Wagram 1809

Game Designer: Geoff Noble

This is the first in a planned series of games designed to place an emphasis upon command at the individual formation level. Circumstances will ensure a player has to continually make hard choices with inadequate resources.

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