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1812 - Napoleon's Fateful March
1812 - Napoleon's Fateful March
1812 - Napoleon's Fateful March

1812 - Napoleon's Fateful March

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 Game design by Brian Asklev



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1812: Most of Europe is under Napoleon´s control, and Napoleon is poised to invade Russia and force them to comply with his Continental System and block British trade. In the face of overwhelming force, the Tsar reluctantly decides to fall back and adopt a scorched earth strategy. Faced by an elusive foe, the French were forced into advancing ever deeper into Russia and all the way to Moscow itself, even though their logistic
system was falling apart under the strain. The infamous retreat back from Moscow was the culmination of the campaign and the turning point of the Napoleonic Wars. Will
Napoleon and the hitherto undefeated Grande Armeé crush the Russian army and capture Moscow, or will they be punished for their hubris in the vast expanses of Russia?

1812: Napoleon’s Fateful March is a 2-player game that simulates Napoleon's invasion of Russia at the operational level. It is an easy to play card-driven system that utilizes
secret order placement which ensures constant tension and little to no downtime. As befits the historical campaign, the game features a strong focus on logistic planning and march attrition with a set of simple but highly narrative mechanics.


Game Scale:
Game Turn: 1 month
Map Scale: Point-to-Point, about 70km between each point
Units: Divisions

Solitaire Playability: Low
Complexity Level: Medium-low
Players: 2 Players
Playing Time: 2-6 hours