Red Strike - 1989
Red Strike - 1989

Red Strike - 1989

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Final version of the rulebook

Final version of the scenario book


About the Game:

Red Strike is a game project based very closely on Mark Herman's Gulf/Aegean Strike game system. It is the Cold War turning hot and is about modern warfare (late 80's) on the Battlefield Central Europe.

It is a simulation of multi-arms synthetic warfare that simulates the European battlefield of the Third World War.

The greatest feature of this game is that it perfectly embodies the theory of the "Depth-Three-dimensional" combat theory of the Soviet Union in the 1980s and the "Air-Land Battle" theory of the US military.

The game scale is operational, counters representing divisions and regiments/brigades although some battalions are included. Complete air, land, and sea orders of battle for several dozen nations allow you to fight each conflict to its unpredictable and often startling conclusion.


The map reaches from the southern parts of Norway to the Alps and from East Germany to the Channel. One hex is 28 km.